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Step back in time with us. 


A bakery is established in Abbotsford selling bread. This business begins delivering bread in handcarts, then swiftly progresses to horse drawn vehicles, then up to 45 carts and finally motor vehicles. 


The business expands to selling flour, then starts re-bagging door to door. From here it quickly progresses into pre-mixing 'Self Raising Flour' [previously you had to mix this yourself] and sells this to shops. 

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The 1930's sees the introduction of packet cake and pudding mixes in Victoria. 


The business now has 300 employees. Both the flour and cake mix sides of the business are sold. 

A biscuit bakery is started

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Gumnut Country Bakehouse / Eatwell Foods is launched as a new startup company to supply the foodservice industry. The great biscuit tradition is carried through the generations. 


Eatwell Foods moves into a purpose built manufacturing plant. It has outgrown the old plant, and now with expansion, the new site comprises state of the art machinery from Europe and greatly increases output and product range.

The new site also increases the capacity for Eatwell to produce Crackers [previously imported] but now made onshore.



Eatwell invests in another fully automated production line; greatly increasing output again Product lines, customer base are increased and internal teams are increased.


This year is all about challenges for everyone. Eatwell is moving into an automation and robotic phase to help counter these dramatic increases and supply chain issues. The export phase has started with exciting times for Eatwell. An initial launch into NZ, and further afield coming soon - the Eatwell team is ready for another massive growth year.

Another year of big investment in our company and our people.