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A step back in time...


      The Year is 1865. A young man leaves Ireland at 22 years of age and arrives in Melbourne Australia.

     He quickly establishes a bakery selling bread in Abbotsford. He begins by delivering bread in handcarts, then swiftly progresses to horse drawn vehicles, then up to 45 carts..and finally motor vehicles.

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 He begins to sell flour and starts re-bagging door to door.  From here he quickly progresses into pre-mixing 'Self-Raising Flour' (previously you had to mix this yourself) & selling this to shops.



The 1930's sees the introduction of packet cake and pudding mixes in Victoria


The company then began selling bread and flour in show bags, and throwing out free buns from floats.



The business now has 300 employees. It is sold to another Flour Company who has continued the flour business until this day. (under the new name)

The cake mix side is sold also to another company and is also still produced to this day. (under the new name)

A biscuit bakery is started.



A Factory is started in Kerang. MACS SHORTBREAD Company is started and is still run by 4th, 5th and 6th generation members today. No doubt you would be ever so familiar with the family owned 'Macs Shortbread' which appear on our supermarket shelves during the festive season.


September 11, 2001, a day no doubt everyone remembers only too well, but for EATWELL FOODS, it is the birth of something fantastic.

GUMNUT COUNTRY BAKEHOUSE and EATWELL FOODS is launched as a new startup company to serve the foodservice industry, but continue the great biscuit tradition.



2015- Eatwell Foods moves into a purpose built manufacturing plant. It has outgrown the old plant, and now with expansion- the new site comprises state of the art machinery from Italy and greatly increased output and product range (to include crumb and crackers)


Eatwell is still Family owned, with the 5th and 6th generation. 

Today- we have greatly enhanced our capacity further. Automation, robotics and extreme levels of efficiency - has all been achieved at this point- and we now set to work on our next project.

A recent addition has been to installed Solar panels to cover half of our roof space.

At Eatwell, we strive to expand, build our great brand, and share our great story!

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