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At Eatwell Foods, we strive every day to meet our customers needs. Our ability to remain flexible and agile means we can innovate for our customers. Innovations can mean a lot of things: from Flavours and Packaging (further information below), to textures and inclusions.

We look on any project as, not only a challenge, but a learning experience to enhance our own knowledge and to form long lasting relationships with our customers.


We have a great base range for you to start with, and we can innovate from there: be it crackers, ice-cream inclusions, or a new sweet biscuit flavour you have thought up.


Our dedicated innovation team looks forward to bringing you our latest knowledge on flavours and textures from around the world and helping you with your next project. 


Speculoos, Red Velvet, Cinnamon, Alternative Oils : all great flavours and innovative solutions Eatwell has provided customers with recently. Our vast knowledge of flavours, from Europe especially, means we can offer you alternatives/additions for your range ahead of them reaching Australian shores. On the other hand, you could suggest to us what flavour you need, and we will do our best to fulfil your request.


We offer a range of packaging options as well including retail ready, portion packed and liner in box (liner sealed or unsealed). Anything is possible with packaging and we will endeavor to satisfy your request.


  • Retail Private Label/ Contract manufacturing

  • Industrial Private Label/ Contract manufacturing

  • Corporate Private Label/ Contract manufacturing

Private label is available with Eatwell Foods. Providing the Minimum Order is met, we can package/ customise flavour and biscuit to your taste/texture and satisfaction.

Customised packaging is also provided and even down to biscuit shape.

Large Industrial users are able to work with our RnD team to create their own unique product, exclusive to them. A whole new product specifically for them, or matching an existing product- we can work with large organisations to create their very own unique product

Have a project for us?


Hygiene is what we are all about.

Individually wrapped/ portion controlled biscuits, crackers and cereals is what we do. Being individually portioned means no contamination from other people touching your food. Perfect for Aged Care and Hospital environments traditionally, but now, perfect for anywhere and everywhere. Hygiene is a must, and its the only way to have a biscuit or cereal. 

Eatwell is also BRC certified backing up our Hygiene standards.


Eatwell has exporting capabilities. Containers full of biscuits or crumb, on plastic pallets or wooden export pallets : its all possible with Eatwell.

We love getting exporting enquiries as it's a chance to show the world our great AUSTRALIAN MADE products.

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